Various Types of Cancer Treatment

Various Types of Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is still a frightening disease. Apart from causing rapid death, this disease can also reduce a person’s quality of life. What medications can be used for cancer? Life expectancy for cancer patients usually gets bigger if the cancer is found while still in its early stages because at that stage the cancer cells have not spread to other organs in the body.


Chemotherapy is one type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. This drug works to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. But sometimes this treatment can cause side effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, decreased blood cells, hair loss, canker sores, body aches or can cause healthy cells to grow quickly.


This treatment uses certain types of energy (ionizing radiation) to kill cancer cells or shrink tumors (lumps). This radiation will damage the genetic material of cancer cells so that the cell cannot grow or divide again. But in some cases, this radiation can also attack healthy cells.

Surgery or surgery

Treatment with this operation is done to repair or eliminate the part of the body that is diagnosed as having cancer cells. Treatment with this operation can also be combined with radiation, chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

Cancer surgery is usually carried out with certain reasons such as to prevent cancer cells from spreading to other organs, to determine whether cancerous growth is still benign or malignant, to determine the stage of cancer, as an initial treatment so that cancer cells do not spread and to reduce symptoms or side effects such as tumors suppress nerve cells or inhibit other organs from working.


This treatment uses liquid nitrogen or very cold argon gas to destroy abnormal tissue, can be used for external cancer or cancer in the body. For internal ones, doctors usually use ultrasound or MRI to monitor cryoprobe that is inserted in the body to freeze cells, thus limiting damage to healthy tissue around it.