Tips to Getting Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Tips to Getting Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

There are telling tips to avoid erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain an erection. By trying these tips, the erection can recover and you are both satisfied.

In the event “Realize the Causes and Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction (DE)” Andrologist Specialist, Nugroho Setiawan provides the right step to avoid erectile dysfunction.

“Minimal exercise 30 minutes a day. It can also be 5 times a week. The right exercise should be cardio, such as walking or running. Not a day of exercise, yes, every two days,” Nugroho said when met at Tjikinii Lima Restaurant, Jakarta, written Friday (31/8/2018).

Men also need to eat balanced food and multiple fruits. There is no eating limit to avoid erectile dysfunction. What is important is the need for carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins to be fulfilled. You can also try to consume Viagra, which you can order on Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Good ejaculation, quality erection

Lifestyle also affects erectile abilities. Men should avoid smoking, staying up late, consuming junk food and alcoholic beverages.

The application of an unhealthy lifestyle will make a man difficult to erect, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Maintaining an ideal body weight is also one way to avoid erectile dysfunction.

“This method can make the mood calm and not stressful. Ejaculation works well, erection is also of good quality,” Nugroho added.