Craigslist –Is a scam or real?

Craigslist –Is a scam or real?

 With the advent of the World Wide Web, the aspect of commerce has taken a new avatar in the forms of e-commerce as well as digital marketing. As the number of websites are growing exponentially every day, compelling people to do online shopping for everything they need in their daily life.  Even jobs portals have increased and create employment opportunities in an easy way than in the past. Interestingly, some of the classifieds like Craigslist provide tons of information about housing, shopping markets, personal, job offers, homes, for sale and buy so many more classifieds as well.

 Be watchful about scammers

Craigslist is a growing online classified website. Internet users are able to buy, sell, and trade a wide range of products, including mobile phones. As interested buyers, you must visit the website from there select your state and your city. When buying new or used cell phones on craigslist, you must proceed with caution. Craigslist deals with an immense number of posts from members each day. It is the world’s largest online classified website. Since it an easy website to use, it also becomes a playground for scammers and hence one has to cautious while signing up this website. Business establishments with a website that offers products or services will likely find craigslist a good place to advertise it.

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We all know that finance is an exclusive industry in this modern era. It deals with various kinds of money investments, which are correlated with the concepts of liabilities and assets. It is sometimes uncertain and risky, so that those who make investments should be careful in their aspect of money management. The three major categories of finance include personal finance, public finance and corporate finance. Certain criterion that needs to be analyzed before making investments includes the fundamental values, risk levels and rate of returns. If anyone wants to know more about the finance related information, read more. In simple, we can say that finance is a special art of managing money. A better financial market lies in the factors including effectiveness, fairness and honesty. Also it needs to promote competitions and to protect and safeguard consumers. These only will make the investors to achieve fair and better financial deals, as they wish.

One of the important aspects that govern finance is the financial laws, which are otherwise called regulations. These are primarily the laws susceptible to the aspects like commercial banking, insurance, capital markets, investment management sectors and derivatives and so on. These laws form the legal framework, so that the investors can be able to manage their finances in an efficient way. Various concerns are there for the regulation of finance. One among them is the Financial Conduct Authority, which is commonly called as FCA. It acts as a prudential regulator as well as a conduct regulator for a variety of financial markets and financial services firms all across the globe.